Welcome to my Soulful Space

Hello! I’m Andrea and my pronouns are she/her. I am so happy to welcome you to this space where I can share with you the Celebrant practices close to my heart and you can get to know me. I am based in Scotland and am a bright, spirited practitioner ready to nurture collaboration and co-creation while holding space for your ceremony with authenticity and care.

My practice as a celebrant has been moulded, and inspired, by my long career as a midwife. In my midwifery practice I worked closely with individuals, couples and families at what can be an emotionally intense times in their lives, where they journey through one of life’s major transformations – parenthood. Many of the personal characteristics and skills required for my midwifery practice are beautifully transferable to my practice as a celebrant therefore I have the skills to work alongside couples and families while developing meaningful relationships during all of the numerous life events that have the potential to transform or change the direction of our lives.

As a celebrant I treasure and embrace your decision to acknowledge, and create, ceremony and ritual, whether for marriage, civil partnership, intentional, ethical conscious commitments, death or divorce, indeed, any rite of passage or transformative, big moment in your life. Many of these choices also need support and I champion the right for you to be informed, have options and make decisions that are right for you, your partner and your family. I have the skills to hold, nurture, realise and deliver your individual choices.

Let me take this opportunity to guide you through my SoulfulSpace. You’ll find a page titled Love Notes, this is full of recent reviews from couples and families. In Ceremonies and Rituals you can discover more about Ceremony options and my practice as an Agnostic Scotland Life Celebrant. My offerings for couples, families and communities include traditional and modern, mixed faith, a nod to faith, religious or non- religious, multicultural but always inclusive, ceremonies and rituals. These encompass Marriage, Civil Partnerships, Commitment Ceremonies along with Celebration of Life Memorials and Funerals in Soulful Exit. Indeed, I am here to support any treasured life or community event that needs to and should be marked and celebrated in some way. To elaborate further on my role as a Celebrant, my values and what I have to offer, you’ll find a page about my colleagues and our celebrant body Agnostic Scotland. I also have an active Instagram account, Soulful Celebrant where you will find links to testimonials, blogs, articles and reflections.

Please have a wander through my site and get to know a little about me as a Celebrant and in turn as an individual who is a Cancerian, has a huge collection of houseplants and berets, loves to sea swim, especially at sunrise, and be outdoors as much as possible. For FAQ and ceremony fees click here. If you have any further questions please head to the contact page where you can contact me in the way you feel comfortable with. Find details of my e-mail address and social media accounts where you can reach me easily and my phone number if you prefer to communicate on the phone. We can then arrange a no obligation video call to meet. I love to chat all things love, community, human connection, ceremony and ritual.