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Yoga and Ceremony

There is so much more to yoga than the physical postures or asanas. Yoga can mean to unite, to join or to associate and it is here we find connection with ceremony. Ceremony is created to unite people, bring together communities and to celebrate. These natural partners are both ancient practices which aim to bring about harmony, summon strength and offer support. The evolution and modernisation of these practices should not detract from their meaning and in modern day yoga and ceremony, practiced with respect, inclusivity and knowledge of the original intentions, there is something for everyone.

Opening Ceremony at Lane Yoga, Edinburgh

Images courtesy of Kat Gollock

Bring yoga to your Ceremony

Take a moment to breath and focus on your wedding day, bring movement and calm to your vow renewal or set an intention for your naming ceremony.

Bridal party practising Yoga on the morning of the wedding

On the morning of your wedding would you like a one to one session or a group session with friends and family. We could use a space at your chosen venue, indoors or out, to breathe, ground, relax and summon strength for your beautiful big event.

Wedding Day Yoga image courtesy of Lisa Rennie

My Yoga

I first practiced yoga in Edinburgh in the 1990’s. My yoga practice has been a constant thread in my life since then and has supported me through lots of life’s transitions. I practiced Iyengar yoga until 2011 when I began to explore other styles and schools of yoga. Since then there has been increasing yogic influences in my life which over time, have been conjured from human connection, collaboration and community, woven together with inspiration, creativity and intuition. Last year I completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Mudra Yoga here in Edinburgh and recently completed an 85 hour Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga Training with Flow Yoga Glasgow.

In my current roles I am acutely aware of life’s journey and I have found again and again, in the ebb and flow of that journey, relationships matter.

I aim to respect and respond to this insight in my yoga teaching by facilitating a safe space where people can embrace the practice of yoga as a tool to nurture and explore the relationship they have with themselves, their breath and their body.

I feel a meaningful relationship with self fosters acceptance, self awareness and self determination, allowing relationships with others and the wider community to flourish. Therefore, developing a stable connection with your yoga and yourself offers a foundation to feel joy, stand in your strength and be buoyant in the exchanges you will encounter in your journey through life, with yourself and with others.

Yoga Classes

Yoga in the Temple of Zoom

Sunrise Tuesdays 7.30 -8.30am

Sunset Thursdays 6 – 7 pm

Drop In £7/£5

class blocks available from week of January 5th 2021

Classes are free for carers, frontline workers and key workers.

message via Instagram or e-mail ediemoonbeam if interested in joining any of these sessions

Yoga and Sea Swimming Sessions

Fridays at Sunrise we practice yoga then have, an optional, dip in the sea (limited spaces)



If you are looking for a yoga class that effortlessly aligns body, mind and spirit, you will not be disappointed. Andrea’s subtle, humorous guidance through practices at sunrise, on the beach, in the Beach House and on zoom are a genuine pleasure. I am not a yoga natural and my body struggles but I feel totally at ease doing as much as I can do, with Andrea adjusting the physical practice to allow for different levels of yoga intensity. But most of all I love the sense of refreshment, community and welllbeing that Andrea’s classes inspire. Not so much a class as a practice of self kindness. 


Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is an awesome journey in many ways, and these sessions will be a safe space to embrace the practice of yoga as a tool to explore your journey and nurture the relationship you have with your self, your breath, your body and your growing baby.

In class we will have an hour to move through adapted classical yoga postures, explore breath work, pelvic floor exercises, relaxation and meditation.
You are then invited to stay for a hot drink, connect with others in class and welcome this as an opportunity to share and discuss topics around pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

“Andrea is an excellent yoga teacher. Her pregnancy classes have helped me understand and prepare my body for birthing my baby. During class, she made personal adjustments for individual movements to ease some of the sciatic pain I was experiencing. These stretches have also helped me to manage the pain outside of class. Andrea is fantastic at making her yoga classes a personal experience for your pregnancy journey, I wouldn’t hesitate to join her classes again!”


“I’d highly recommend Andrea’s yoga for pregnancy classes. Throughout my pregnancy the classes have helped me to relax with breathing exercises and meditation as well as greatly improving my strength to manage a growing bump! Andrea has a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure the exercises are suitable for each individual and was always able to suggest alternatives. She carefully described each movement and made sure we could follow which was especially helpful when the classes moved remotely to Zoom.”


Pregnancy Yoga classes are currently live streamed via Zoom

Contact Pregnancy and Parents Centre for details of next block