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If you have made the decision to get married, civilly partnered or elope, maybe renew your vows, create a blessingway, a naming ceremony or indeed design any ceremony that reflects a transition in your life you have set an intention, a clear intention. Let’s collaborate and co-create to ensure your special gathering with your precious humans is underpinned by a powerful, beautiful ceremony that honours the step you are taking, the intention you are setting and the commitment you are making.

image by Agnes Pachacz

Ceremonies in all their forms have existed for many years but this is a time for you to create your own. Conjure up your own magical ceremony that may include symbolic gestures or rituals such as hand-binding, setting your oaths in stone and sharing a drink from the loving cup. Rituals have ancient roots in many cultures but all ritual was first imagined and invested in by someone. Take this opportunity to invest in yourself, your union and your community of family and friends with ancient rituals or gestures of your choice or take this opportunity to build on the culture and tradition you are grounded in. Why not modernise, be creative and create rituals that resonate with you and reflect who you are as individuals, as a couple, as a family.

If incorporating ritual into your ceremony isn’t for you, and it’s not right for everyone, it can still be amazing. Be aware that you are already furnished with everything you need for your ceremony through your love, your life and your story.

However you envisage your ceremony let’s work together to weave the strands of your stories, discover those enduring threads and bring into being a ceremony that is original and right for you.

As a Life Celebrant with Agnostic Scotland I can apply for a Wedding Authorisation Licence which enables me to conduct the legal aspects of your wedding ceremony.

Whether it is a small intimate group or a great big gathering, indoors or out, however you choose to mark your occasion let yourselves, your family, friends and guests bear witness to a ceremony that acknowledges and celebrates the transition you are making. A ceremony that also recognises an anchoring, a grounding in your new role in life. Use your ceremony and your celebration to cross a threshold and commit to the next stage of your life.

Funerals and Memorials

I began my celebrancy career with a focus on funeral ceremonies. I am skilled in working with families during this transition in a respectful and gentle way that can foster the creation of a personal, meaningful and memorable ceremony. Families and friends play such a significant role in weaving stories that remember, honour, rejoice and celebrate their loved ones life and individuality thus creating a ceremony that captures the essence of your loved one and ultimately offers comfort. I am skilled in holding a safe space for all those who come together to say farewell, to acknowledge sorrow and loss, love and friendship.

A Tree Dressing Ceremony could be a wonderful way to remember, bless or send love and thoughts to someone you are saying farewell to at a funeral, memorial or interment of ashes.

For the Agnostic Scotland Celebrant FAQ page and ceremony fees click here

Sharing Experiences

A core tenet of mine, as a midwife and a celebrant, is when you believe in, and support, the concept of informed choice, which is underpinned by human rights, you empower. With empowerment, even in grief, community, communication, companionship and relationship can only be enhanced.

Andrea spent time with the family several days before my 98-year-old Mum’s funeral. She captured memories from all of us, some happy, some sad and delivered a beautiful ceremony on the day. She really did capture the essence of my Mum and it was very comforting to hear her wonderful words. Andrea really made a difference for my family at a very difficult time for us emotionally

Andy and Eric Watson
Flowers from my garden for all at Binning Memorial Wood

As a family we cannot thank Andrea enough. Our mum was a very determined feisty lady who most definitely did not want a religious send off but she had a keen spiritual side. Together with Andreas perfect respectful guidance we put together a wonderful tribute. There was love, laughter, tears, reflection and thanks. Andrea’s delivery was professional and soulful, we really couldn’t have asked for more.

Pam, Shirley, Robert, Jeremy, Jade, Alex and Jodie

Andrea, you were a lovely calm presence giving us some much needed peace to reflect in the middle of the storm, we couldn’t have done it without you.
You offered invaluable help and support which made our little ceremony for Isadora so personal. A brilliant celebrant and we won’t hesitate to recommend you to others.

Judy and Torcuil

Andrea was the celebrant at my father’s funeral in October, a service that had to take place during tight restrictions caused by Covid 19. Despite restrictions, Andrea supported us in creating a personal service in which my Dad’s friends and family felt included.

I would highly recommend Andrea as a celebrant. At all times we felt engaged in the process and encouraged to be creative in how we celebrated Dad’s life. We will be eternally grateful for that experience.


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