Ceremonies and Rituals

You may have made the decision to get married, civilly partnered or elope, you may feel moved to honour your ethical, intentional non traditional relationship, you might be ready to revere, refresh then renew your marriage vows, re-define your life and drink a toast to your divorce or delight in your newly blended family. If pregnant you may feel the desire to create a Blessingway, for your step into parenthood, with your community of family and friends. You may be inspired to launch your business with a glorious ceremony or movingly, tenderly hold space for a soulful memorial or funeral.

Indeed you can design any ceremony that reflects a transformative moment, a pause, a transition in your life and you share with your friends, family and community that you have set an intention, a clear intention.

Let’s collaborate and co-create to ensure your gathering with the precious humans you hold close is underpinned by a powerful, beautiful ceremony that honours the step you are taking, the intention you are setting and the commitment you are making.

Ceremonies in all their forms have existed for many years but this could be a time for you to create your own. Conjure up your own magical ceremony that may include symbolic gestures or rituals inspired by the elements, the cardinal directions or ancient symbolism such as hand-binding, setting oaths and vows in stone or sharing a drink from the Quaich or the loving cup. Rituals have ancient roots in many cultures but all ritual was first imagined and invested in by someone or a whole community and it is our duty to educate ourselves,understand and respect their roots. Take this opportunity to invest in yourself, your union and your community of family and friends to understand and embrace ancient rituals or gestures that are meaningful to you or you may choose to build on the culture and tradition you and your ancestors are grounded in.

Why not modernise, get creative and devise your own rituals that resonate with you and reflect who you are as individuals, how you live your life as a couple, as a family or as a community. For information about Fees and more you’ll find a FAQ here.

If incorporating ritual into your ceremony isn’t for you, and it’s not right for everyone, it will still be beautiful and powerful . Be aware that you are already furnished with everything you need for your ceremony through your love, your life and your story.

However you envisage your ceremony let’s work together to weave the strands of your stories, discover those enduring threads and bring into being a ceremony that is original and right for you.

As a Life Celebrant with Agnostic Scotland I can apply for a Wedding Authorisation Licence which enables me to conduct the legal aspects of your wedding ceremony.

Whether it is a small intimate group or a great big gathering, indoors or out, however you choose to mark your occasion let yourselves, your family, friends and guests bear witness to a ceremony that acknowledges and celebrates the transition you are making. A ceremony that invites everyone present to pause, acknowledge and recognise an anchoring, a grounding in your new role in life. Use your ceremony and your celebration to cross a threshold and commit to the next stage of your life.

Community Ceremony and Ritual

I so loved collaborating with @lane_yoga to create an opening ceremony inspired by the four cardinal directions, the natural elements associated and their yoga community

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