Agnostic Scotland

two women hold a white board, with the words Agnostic Scotland, between them. A third woman stands to the left facing them. They are all smiling and are outdoors with hills and rocky crags behind them
Agnostic Scotland image by Marlene Lowe

Agnostic Scotland is a not for profit organisation, based in Edinburgh, and all surplus is reinvested into our Community Fund. Inspiration to create this new body came from working with couples and families during their life transition events.

My celebrant colleagues, Onie Tibbit and Linda Keys, and I were motivated to establish Agnostic Scotland after we found we were increasingly being asked to conduct, what were fundamentally, agnostic ceremonies for families. This highlighted to us the lack of choice available for those who wish to have ceremonies that are unique to them and their norms, beliefs and values.

All three of us share the belief that couples and families should be able to decide how and where they choose to mark the momentous occasions in their lives, however big or small, traditional or unconventional, religious or secular.

Agnostic Scotland was launched in November 2019 with an event in Leith. Many friends, family and colleagues from the ceremony sector joined us as we celebrated with ceremony, ritual, song and plenty refreshments.

Our Values

  • We believe in living well, in harmony and equality with all others and with respect for our natural environment.
  • We are entirely undogmatic in our world view, endorsing no single religion or belief.
  • We are collaborative and non-judgemental. We respect the beliefs and values of individuals whether that include secular, mixed-faith, spiritual or agnostic beliefs.
  • We fully endorse and support scientific progress and rational thinking. However, we also accept our own human limitations and believe it is rational to declare that we do not know everything. There will always be some aspects of the universe and the world around us that will remain unexplained.
  • We seek to bring communities together in a collaborative and non-judgemental way to build positive relationships, nurture individual and community health and well being, and protect and respect our natural environment.
  • We believe that every family has the right to a beautiful ceremony to mark the milestones in their lives. Through our Agnostic Scotland Community Fund, we seek to support families who would otherwise be unable to afford the cost of a Funeral, Wedding or Naming Ceremony.
  • Now, through Agnostic Scotland, there is a legally-recognised and important additional option for families wishing to book an agnostic ceremony for weddings, funerals, memorials, vow renewals and more.

Please browse the Agnostic Scotland website, read our blog and our FAQ page to find out more about our ethos, aims and objectives, our Community Fund and Community Connection Gatherings schedule along with Ceremony fees. We are fully committed to being more diverse as an organisation. One of the aims of our Steering Group and our future Life Celebrancy Training is to diversify Celebrancy in Scotland.

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